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At Wellness Options   4 U  LLC,  we  provide  a Spiritual, holistic healing and massage  therapy environment   where  people  can    experience   a  journey  home  to  themselves  after  trauma, injury  or  stress.    Wellness Options  is  key  here  as  people   heal   differently.  people  begin  to listen   by  tuning  Into  their  own  inner barometer.  Each  session is designed  and tailored  to  your  Specific  needs.   Since  our  licensed  massage  therapist,  Lisa  Seward,   specializes  in  many techniques that   brings  the  body,  mind  back  into  harmony, balance  and  homeostasis.  Then  it  begins  to function  optimally  on  all  levels.      Knowing when  to  implement these techniques  is  essential  to  reestablishing the conscious communications  that  the  body  needs  to  get  well.    BodyTalk  (TM)  can truly  work  deeply,  and  non-invasively  to  provide  quick,  fast  results.  When using Body Talk(TM)  first  seems  to  prepare  the  whole  body  to  be  more  centered, grounded and planted.  This can  be a stand  alone  treatment  or  integrated  with  other  massage  therapy  modalities.  Working remotely  seems  to be  very  effective  for  combating pain,   and  dis-ease,   as it  can  find  the  root  cause  and  reveal  the  underlying  causes for  dis-ease.  Great for  all  ages.  For individuals who  do  not  liked  to  be  touched  BodyTalkSystem  can  be  done  remotely or  long  distantly. Or it  can not even be touched  without experiencing  too much  stress or pain for their  systems to handle.    The reason  Wellness Options 4 U LLC  was born.   Not everyone  heals  the  same,  as  a  result  of  that  factor,  providing  options  was  my  secret  to  not  have  to  grin  and  bear  the  pain.  Our Therapist,  Lisa Seward began immersing herself into the field of massage therapy. Taking  over 400 continuing educational units.  She was  learning many techniques to help herself heal first.    Then to help her clients experience these modalities that were truly making a difference in her  life and gradually her clients lives better.           

With her background in Education,  this gave her a platform to keep educating her clients  by learning a specific series of techniques that provided pain relief .  Her  fortitude to utilize  these techniques  by receiving the work and being diligently on a path  that she followed  to  help her  bridge the gap to perfect health and wellbeing .  She provides an individualized tailor-made approach to assist you   in overcing pain and stress, through using  Energy Medicine techniques- such as BodyTalk™, Energy work, Holistic Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Craniosacral Therapy,  Myofascial Therapies, Reiki, Reflexology, Shiatsu, and TMJ and Total Body Balancing 1.  Her training, compassion, and mission is to help assist you on a journey home to yourself after trauma. 

What is trauma ? There are varies degrees of it  It looks different for each person and may even be possible that we may even discount that we are even hurt.   We continue on our way through life without even realizing we are hurt.    [  I did that in 1994, when I was involved in a four-car accident. I signed off from the fireman. I didn’t realize I  was even hurt until I arrived to my next appointment to renew my continuing educational Massage therapy class and  I sat on the floor.  My sacrum was vibrating very subtly.  I could feel those subtle energies.  I had convinced myself that I was fine before I arrived here. Then I realized I was hurt!    Maybe, being in shock and thinking, I am invincible! ]  How many people believe in this after a fall, an accident or  an invasive  procedure is done.   Do I discount the pain or address the issue?  How many will even will stop and reassess their situation?  Are they the weekend athlete that thinks more pain more gain, and just walk it off without a care or worry? Times have changed. Paying attention is important in how we get well.  What is your belief system about injuries, dis-ease, injuries and wellness? Do you have to live with chronic pain?  Or  do you ignore the pain that is signaling you that something is going on that needs your attention?   It all matters now when Pain is the number one reason people are out of work!    

  After that incident I became more aware of my body and mind.   Being a massage therapist helped as I was aware many different kinds of massage therapy. As I had taken over 400 continuing educational courses since I graduated in 1990.  I was filled with enough information that I could begin choosing  a specific course of action, which I began asserting my knowledge.  Especially after I was being guided to each person I was working with to help me overcome my pain and injuries.   One comment the chiropractor said, stayed with me."Your X-rays look like a 90 year old person."  I was 37 years old.  Really, how could that be, as I thought to myself!  I let that statement stay in my head for years until I had the time and energy to deal with that image and vision for my recovery.     As posture soon became my striving dream to be  get well. self-healing takes time, for your body to be ready.Patience is key to healing.  In 2014 my life began to shift again to reach todays’s new and improved posture reality! Never give up in reaching your dreams in life!

 I was able to experience many types of therapies   for TMJ, Neck, thoracic spine,  low back, back, feet,  and   extremities work  from subtle therapies to deeper work to help with limited range of motion.  Even though I now had to be a patient.   it was good to see both sides of the coin from this perspective to watch and see  how long it takes to recover.  That evening  I experienced more  pain. Fortunately my injury showed up right away, I seeked helped right away.  Sometimes, after a car accident, your  pain doesn’t show  up right away at first. It may take a week or so to manifest.   When we are very busy as a human doing,  taking the necessary steps to be a human being-listening to their body and with that knowing how to tune in, rest when you have to rest. and allowing the body to begin the repairing, self healing from the inside out journey will help shift one’s consciousness  and health.        Being aware of my  limits and knowing how do I take care of myself after an injury  is key.   Do I keep on working or do I seek out a practitioner to help guide me back to wholeness. If  I do not know my limits in life,  others will help you define them for us.   

 A BodyTalk™ System session helps your body to begin quieting down the sympathetic nervous system that has gone into fight or flight through its amygdala.   By listening with one’s innate wisdom the practitioner can help your body reset, and begin re-establishoing the conscious communication to bring the body mind into balance or homeostasis. Gently beginning to link that parts that are not communicating to the parts that are.    This is essential especially after a person has experienced trauma or excessive pain helping the brain to rethink through neuroplascity. Yes the brain can relearn and begin to function on all levels for children to the elderly.       This systematic approach brings balance to the whole person, to address their unique story to reveal the underlying causes for dis-ease.  In BodyTalk™ we call this WholeHealthcare™ . As BodyTalk ™,  is very complimentary tool,  as it brings  balance after trauma or pain, feeling stuck emotionally,   Fnding one’s way back is possible when we honor our Body, and Mind. Then we can come home to our true selves!!! Are you ready to commit to a path that will bridge you back to the wholeness and wellness that you are seeking! Feeling grounded, planted and stable after the long road home, can begin with your desire to begin today!

Lisa Seward, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified BodyTalk™ Practitioner, PaRama BodyTalk™ Practitioner, and Associate Minister has walked this path and through her life experience, background and training. She guides her clients on their journey by assisting them to what they may experience in their own recovery process. Her on-going BodyTalk™ training for 20 years, makes her an expert in this field and her commitment to the journey to move beyond pain, injury and trauma to joy.   Are you feeling  stuck  in life? Are you looking from clarity and easier decision making?  Maybe  by just balancing your cortices will truly make a difference ! Did you know that the path to recovery begins when you are ready!? She has walked it and continues onward and upward to achieving her dreams to inspire others to live their dreams home to themselves. By getting well, one’s life improves, more Wellness  Options 4 U  are available to them.                             

    How is this work different than other  Massage therapist? Using an integrative massage therapy approach first, truly assists clients in balancing the body and mind.  Then the tissues are more relaxed and pliable  which  eases the pain   even before we start. Afterwards two of more  massage therapy techniques are added to this specifically designed treatment just for you!  Your body mind knows how to heal from the inside out .  Are you willing to let it happen?

Who can benefit from a BodyTalk™ session?  

  • Family Stress, Work Stress
  • Learning Disorders- reading comprehension issues, math issues, ADD, ADHD, Autism, 
  • Children/Seniors on all levels of learning 
  • Sports Injuries,  Achilles Tendon injuries
  • Musicians/Songwriters, with receptive strains or overuse of strumming the guitar or playing the drums, etc, It can help Artists.  
  • Trauma-Birth delivery for mom or baby, Car Accidents, Dental Trauma, forecep injury
  • Children (0-5), 6-12 years,  Teens, Children Being bullied
  • Brain Surgery, strokes, TIA’s, TBI,  long/short term memory, Baby Boomers who have Caregiver Stress,  Neuroplasticity Issues, PTSD
  • Hearing issues, Eye issues
  • Breathing issues, Subtle Senses, Insomnia,  Sinusitis 
  • Pre/Post Surgery,  Scar Tissue, Injuries
  • Tattoos, Piercing,  - interferes  with your energy levels
  • Arthritis, Neck Pain, Low Back Pain, TMJ-clenching and grinding teeth,
  • Sprains, Strains, Plantarfasciitis, Carpal Tunnel, 

The BodyTalk™ treatment, works on a Priority based, Structured Intuition approach that allows for other modalities to be implemented after the session. Lisa has been in the field of massage therapy for 29 years. Her specialities are  in Craniosacral Therapy, Direct Fascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology, Reiki, Shiatsu, SomatoEmotional Release, TMJ,  etc.    She is a member of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association,  International BodyTalk Association, and the Holistic Network International, Associate Minister with the Church of the Creator.       Lisa Seward, also  is a Writer, New Thought,  Spoken Word Poet, and  inspires others to live their dreams. and move beyond trauma to reaching their  their inner  joy, peace of mind, clarity and harmony.      Through regaining their health, and wellbeing, then their choices are within their grasps ! 

Wellness Options 4 U LLC 1130 Pinehurst Road Suite D3, Dunedin, FL 34689  MM38849/MA10898

Disclaimer:   Each session is individually tailored to your needs and and the results are different for each person.  The testimonials are given by consent of each person, and the results  vary per person. BodyTalk is not a substitiute for medical treatment.. The BodyTalk practitioner does not diagnose or prescribe illness or disease nor prescribe medications.  


Lisa's History

Lisa Seward is a seasoned Florida State licensed massage therapist, 29 years. Born with a deformity, undergoing cosmetic surgery and a heart catheterization all by the age of twelve. Then impacted by  a 4 car accident has learned to over come trauma and to live a new and improved life. We can be more than our injuries, more than our trauma through using the tools our trade we can overcome and get to the other side.     

Walk into Wellness Options 4 U to discover a way home to your self now!


Lisa’s Mission

Wellness Options 4 U LLC helps people to get well by providing an integrative holistic massage therapy approach using advanced massage therapy techniques that utilizes BodyTalk™-an energy medicine technique, and other manual therapies  such as Holistic MLD, Myofascial Therapy,  Shiatsu, to bring balance and wholeness to the mind, body and spirit.  Once whole and complete Second chance to live a Life transformed. 


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  • Holistic Approach  Book-Personal Stories of Triumph and Transformation through the Body, Mind and Spirit. 
  • Cryoderm Massage Products 
  • Rapid Fire Relief Products
  • Hawaiian Healing Intention Cards

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Services are by Appointment Only for a BodyTalk™ System and Holistic Massage, with  Integrative Massage.  Remote Distance Healing  BodyTalk™ sessions are available as well. BodyTalk™ is a stand alone modality or may be added to any  treatment protocol.   


Lisa Seward has an undeniable gift for understanding what a body/mind/spirit  is needing and how to provide that, in a gentle, respectful, and helpful way. I highly recommend her !     

Jana Stanfield,

Multi-Platinum, Songwriter

and Global Thought Leader

I had a car accident with a head trauma. We worked on reconnecting the brain, so I could learn how to work on the computer for my work as a Custom Closet Designer. Being able to remember names and  faces now (most of the time anyway!) is a huge blessing.  You were right on—knowing about my life without having all the details.  Most of these sessions were done  by remote sessions and the results were lasting. The results are feeling more balanced and grounded, less cravings of sugar and alcohol, more focus, dissipation of depression. Courage to make the move to Texas is part of this.  Thanks for your good loving care, Lisa!

Jeana W.

Custom Closet Designer

Lisa is an extremely intuitive and professional BodyTalk™  practitioner with great integrity.  The wide range of things she has helped me with is nothing short of amazing .   Lisa has helped me get peace in my relationships.  She has helped me ward off Lime’s disease after a deer tic bite. She helped me end anxiety regarding  my perception of the health of those close to me.  Most recently she helped me address knee pain and structural imbalances in my body allowing me  to continue running and gain  increased awareness of my body.  This is just a short list of the health and life issues.  Lisa has helped me transcend.  I recommend Lisa’s services to everyone.  

Gene Niec, BSME, PTA, MT, CBP

I have debilitating migraines frequently.  Normally they are severe causing pain like a brace around my head.  I even had to go to the emergency room frequently without relief.  I have ulnar nerve entrapment with herniated discs.  They say, “Nothing can help this problem, I have to live with this condition!”  Lisa did one BodyTalk™ treatment, I haven’t had another migraine for 7 months, Remarkably!                     

 Amanda S. Ozona, FL

I am writing you regarding Lisa Seward. I have known Lisa both personally and professionally.  

Lisa is a kind and caring and deeply committed to the healing process.  Over the years, i’ve witnessed Lisa’s dedication to her own healing in a way.  I feel that this is what allows Lisa to be so available and present to facilitate the healing of others .  Lisa is truly a “healing healer”.  In addition to being a Licensed Massage Therapist, she has made it a point to be certified in numbers body-mind modalities so that she can individualize for each client, offering  them an array of healing  interventions. 

During my time when I was experiencing a very stressful period in my life, I went to Lisa for a “BodyTalk” session, due to Lisa’s expertise.  I did experience great relief,  both  physically  and  emotionally.  

I highly recommend Lisa as a health practitioner for anyone on their body-mind-soul healing path.  

Deborah Clemens LMHC

Inspirational Poetry Bringing Awareness to Autism

My  inspirational and heartfelt  poetry for the soulful explorer of Truth  is on my blog, Check it out today!!

Earth2Autism Sustainability poem    by Lisa Seward  gives  hope, and a positive message  to  families and  children.  Just know when one door doesn’t open , Keep opening doors to find the technique that children will benefit from .   With my background in elementary education from NY State , children usually respond easily to me.  BodyTalk™ works will with all people and all ages, and abilities. I welcome you here to experience the difference how children can benefit with light and gentle work. 

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Experience it once again when we are able to be closer than 6 feet apart! One year warranty.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BodyTalk  System™?

it is an Energy Medicine modality that uses science, math, physics, Quantum Mechanics  and oriental medicine, and other ideas  to bring the body mind into homeostasis and balance.  It re-establishes the conscious communication to the body to reveal the underlying causes for dis-ease.  Especially when a injury, stress or trauma has affected the body and mind the sympathetic nervous system is beginning to stress out with the flight or fight reaction affecting the amygdala  leading the way to fear and physical sensations.  This technique helps to  resets the body to function more optimally on all levels.  Bringing the parasympathethic nervous system into a calm, stress free zone, where homeostasis and balance lives.


What will the individual experience when receiving a session?

With our Certified  BodyTalk™     Practitioner who is also a Licensed Massage Therapist by keeping this in mind,  she will give you the option to receive  specific type of integrative massage therapy that is designed by your body mind after/ or before depending upon the the treatment protocol .  For the client that means  "You may change your clothes, take off as much as you are comfortable with.  and be draped .  That means the area we will be working on will be exposed. Otherwise you will be covered.   The client’s innate wisdom and the therapist’s innate wisdom will be consulted  for each treatment to guide the therapist to where she will  work. 

Also If you prefer not to receive BodyTalk and Massage on the same day that may be scheduled on separate days. 

Why does our Massage  Therapist provide a combo session? 

 As she has been using integrated massage therapy since 1994, and her clients have been used to receiving this approach. As clients self-heal faster- using more than one modality at one time, has been the systematic approach that we know that works best.   This has been her  philosophy and her educational  training that Lisa Seward, LMT has received that has accentuated her long standing in the massage therapy arena. 

Who developed BodyTalk System™? 

 It was developed  and founded by John Veltheim, for more that twenty years ago.  His background and training as a chiropractor who had Osteopathy Training,  Acupuncture, Theology, Philosophy, Reiki, Counseling, and other training.  He consults some top people in the field of Energy Medicine and teams up with them to give us some of the newest,  cutting edge techniques that assist people to WholeHealthcare™. 

 It is is in over 50 countries, and he has  foundation and trains people all over the world this form  of healthcare   that can be done by anyone.  It has been taken to orphanages in third world countries.  where healthcare isn’t available to them .  It is in some Hospitals and in Australia it is their form of healthcare there. Since,  our founder is from there originally. 

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