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Wellness Options 4 U LLC is a spiritual, holistic massage therapy center where people can experience a journey home to themselves after trauma or they may be on a journey toward bringing more health and well being into their lives. Whatever their reasoning, BodyTalk™ and Holistic Massage may be their solution.       It is a System for Personal Growth, Health, and Transformation that assists people on a road to self-healing.

Are you ready to get grounded, centered, and closure to pain? Or are you feeling stuck, unsure of your soul purpose, or little lost? This system helps the body and mind to communicate better to the parts that are not communicating, and by addressing the whole person, their unique story to reveal the underlying causes for dis-ease. Truly life changing results can occur in a non invasive manner, with quick fast results. Especially when the clients experiencing it in a gentler way to overcome stress, injury, or memory loss. It is a systematic way of recalibrating the bodymind and reconnecting the parts of the body  for more functionality in their  physiological and psychological aspects. 

Lisa Seward, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified BodyTalk™ Practitioner, PaRama BodyTalk™ Practitioner, and Associate Minister has walked this path and through her life experience, background and training. She helps to guide clients on their journey by assisting them to what they may experience in their own recovery process. Her on-going BodyTalk™ training for 20 years, makes her an expert in this field and her commitment to the journey to move beyond pain, injury and trauma to joy. Many people can get stuck. She has walked it and continues onward and upward to achieving her dreams to inspire others to live their dreams home to themselves. By getting well, one’s life improves, more Wellness  Options 4 U  are available to them.  

Who can benefit from a BodyTalk™ session?  

  • Family Stress, Work Stress
  • Learning Disorders- reading comprehension, issues, math issues, ADD, ADHD, Autism, 
  • Children/Seniors on all levels of learning
  • Sports Injuries,  Achilles Tendon injuries
  • Musicians/Songwriters, Lyricists to help with feeling stuck, or receptive strains or overuse of strumming the guitar or playing the drums,etc
  • Trauma-Birth delivery for mom or baby, Car Accidents, Dental Trauma, forecep injury
  • Babies with colic, unable to  breast feed/milk
  • Children (0-5), 6-12 years,  Teens, Children Being bullied
  • Brain Surgery, strokes, TIA’s, ,Dementia, long/short term memory, Baby Boomers are Caregiving, Neuroplasticity Issues
  • Hearing issues, Eye issues
  • Breathing issues, Subtle Senses, Insomnia,  Sinusitis 
  • Pre/Post Surgery,  Scar Tissue,
  • Tattoos, Piercing,  - interferes  with your energy levels
  • Arthritis, Neck Pain, Low Back Pain, TMJ
  • Sprains, Strains, Plantarfasciitis, Carpal Tunnel, 

The BodyTalk™ treatment, works on a Priority based, Structured Intuition approach that allows for other modalities to be implemented after the session. Lisa has been in the field of massage therapy for 29 years. Her specialities are  in Craniosacral Therapy, Direct Fascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology, Reiki, Shiatsu, SomatoEmotional Release, TMJ, Total Body Balancing 1, etc.    She is a member of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association,  International BodyTalk Association, and the Holistic Network International, Associate Minister with the Church of the Creator.                       Lisa Seward, also  is a Writer, New Thought,  Spoken Word Poet, and  inspires others to live their dreams. and move beyond trauma to reaching their  their inner  joy.      Through regaining their health, and wellbeing, then their choices are within their grasps !

Wellness Options 4 U LLC 1130 Pinehurst Road Suite D3, Dunedin, FL 34689  MM38849/MA10898

Lisa's History


Lisa Seward is a seasoned Florida State licensed massage therapist, 29 years. Born with a deformity, undergoing cosmetic surgery and a heart catheterization all by the age of twelve. Then impacted by  a 4 car accident has learned to over come trauma and to live a new and improved life. We can be more than our injuries, more than our trauma through using the tools our trade we can overcome and get to the other side.     

Walk into Wellness Options 4 U to discover a way home to your self now!

Lisa’s Mission


Wellness Options 4 U helps people to get well by providing an integrative massage therapy approach using advanced massage therapy techniques that utilizes BodyTalk™-an energy medicine technique, and other manual therapies  such as Holistic MLD, Myofascial Therapy,  Shiatsu, to bring balance and wholeness to the mind, body and spirit.  Once whole and complete Second chance to live a Life transformed. 

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Wellness Options 4 U LLC Retail 

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Lisa Seward has an undeniable gift for understanding what a body/mind/spirit  is needing and how to provide that, in a gentle, respectful, and helpful way. I highly recommend her !     

    Jana Stanfield,

Multi-Platinum , Songwriter

and Global Thought Leader

I had a car accident with a head trauma. We worked on reconnecting the brain, so I could learn how to work on the computer for my work as a Custom Closet Designer. Being able to remember names and  faces now (most of the time anyway!) is a huge blessing.  You were right on—knowing about my life without having all the details.  Most of these sessions were done  by remote sessions and the results were lasting. The results are feeling more balanced and grounded, less cravings of sugar and alcohol, more focus, dissipation of depression. Courage to make the move to Texas is part of this.  Thanks for your good loving care, Lisa!

Jeana Watts

Custom Closet Designer

Lisa is an extremely intuitive and professional BodyTalk™  practitioner with great integrity.  The wide range of things she has helped me with is nothing short of amazing .   Lisa has helped me get peace in my relationships.  She has helped me ward off Lime’s disease after a deer tic bite. She helped me end anxiety regarding  my perception of the health of those close to me.  Most recently she helped me address knee pain and structural imbalances in my body allowing me the to continue running and gain  increased awareness of my body.  This is just a short list of the health and life issues.  Lisa has helped me transcend.  I recommend Lisa’s services to everyone.  

Gene Niec, BSME, PTA, MT, CBP

I have debilitating migraines frequently.  Normally they are severe causing pain like a brace around my head.  I even had to go to the emergency room frequently without relief.  I have ulnar nerve entrapment with herniated discs.  They say, “Nothing can help this problem, I have to live with this condition!”  Lisa did one BodyTalk™ treatment, I haven’t had another migraine for 7 months, Remarkably!                     

 AP. Palm Harbor, FL

I am writing you regarding Lisa Seward. I have known Lisa both personally and professionally.  

Lisa is a kind and caring and deeply committed to the healing process.  Over the years, i’ve witnessed Lisa’s dedication to her own healing in a way.  I feel that this is what allows Lisa to be so available and present to facilitate the healing of others .  Lisa is truly a “healing healer”.  In addition to being a Licensed Massage Therapist, she has made it a point to be certified in numbers body-mind modalities so that she can individualize for each client, offering  them an array of healing  interventions. 

During my time when I was experiencing a very stressful period in my life, I went to Lisa for a “BodyTalk” session, due to Lisa’s expertise.  I did experience great relief,  both  physically  and  emotionally.  

I highly recommend Lisa as a health practitioner for anyone on their body-mind-soul healing path.  

Deborah Clemens LMHC


Receive Inspirational Poetry Bringing Awareness to Autism

New clients will receive a copy of Lisa’s first  copywritten poem  entitled 

Earth2Autism Sustainability    as her gift to you.  You can opt in by contacting me   by leaving a message or by phone. 

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I love my new location .     Conveniently located in Dunedin.  It has taken me    nearly 30 years to find my perfect place where I feel at home.  Make your appointment soon, to experience this lovely place! 

Any Questions, Let me know what they are? Thanks.

If you have any questions please contact me  for clarity. 


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